Baier Wedding

Custom components

Font, Brush calligraphy, Monogram

Materials created

Save the Date, Invitation, and RSVP Card

Project Details

The Baier wedding was a fun project to work on in 2017! When a project includes a true craft, in this case it was brush calligraphy, the whole experience is on another level. It’s not just typing out the contents and perfecting the composition of the page. It is breaking out pen and paper and writing until you get the words just right. Again, so fun.

Early on in the project we were choosing fonts and there was one created for a different project that might be a perfect fit. We included it in the presentation and it was chosen! Since it had been a while, and the font was created for a different purpose, it was reworked to be a more complete and consistent typeface. The trick was not to do too much and take away the charm for what it was selected for. After refining the uppercase alphabet in multiple weights, it was time to put it to use on the materials.

See the process and final pieces created below!

Brush & Vector Work

Custom Font - Wisco

Save the Date / Invitation / RSVP

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