Grimes Wedding

Custom components

Font, Monogram, Floral

Materials created

Envelopes, Save the Date, Invitation, RSVP card, Table Numbers, Favor Card, Ceremony Program, Thank You card

Project Details

We went the extra mile for our wedding envelopes and stationery and it resulted in a cohesive and beautiful day. Like branding a company or product, we started working through themes, colors, graphics, and fonts to work with. After some tinkering, we found the balance that manifested who we are as a couple: down to earth, laid back (but fun), and classic.

Taking those foundational elements: monogram, color, font, and feel we then had a toolkit to create any material that came our way:

  • Envelope, Save the date, Invitation, RSVP

Day of materials:

  • Ceremony program, Guest book, Escort cards, Table numbers, Favors

Our day was perfect top to bottom and we want yours to be as well! Send out your stationery with confidence, you or your guests will not regret it.

Contact us to start collaborating on your stationery! Whether that is one item, or your entire day, Grimes Occasion Design will help exceed your big days requirements.