Envelope Addressing

Delight your guests before they even open your Save the Date or Invitation to your event with our unique envelope addressing! Our product and service is what sets us apart, and this will set YOUR event apart.

What will set your envelopes apart?

Each name and address is set in our custom font and executed via a Cricut Explore machine. When ready, the machine is loaded with a pen or marker and writes out the desired address exactly as designed, every time. Check out our photos to see the process! The result looks like it came out of a printer, but it is a real pen making the marks which makes it feel handwritten.

Envelope Sample Gallery

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Envelope Elements

  • Recipient address, Return address, Monogram

October Script Typeface

The typeface, October Script, was created for our own wedding, and we loved it so much we wanted others to experience the joy we had using it. Return and Recipient addresses are set in this font and look BEA-tufitul. We can also design a monogram for you as well. This may or may not be in the October Script typeface, up to us to work out! Imagine getting texts or calls from guests on how beautiful your wedding envelopes were months before the big day … that is what happened to us! Check out what we can do for you below.

Let’s get your envelopes started! Contact us and we can send a FREE envelope sample directly to you.

What is the envelope timeline/process?

Once project details are agreed upon, deposit (50%), and envelopes received, here is the typical project timeline:

  1. You provide the names and addresses EXACTLY as desired in an Excel or Google Sheets format.

  2. A digital proof of one address will be provided 24 hours after the names are received. If results are unsatisfactory, a full refund will be applied.

  3. If approved, we get started on the project!

  4. The envelopes will be in the full production phase. Exciting! Updates will be given when possible.

  5. When complete, pictures of the final product will be provided, and remaining balance will be invoiced.

  6. When balanced is received, the envelopes will be shipped back to you!

Turnaround time is typically 3 weeks (from receiving envelopes) to produce your project! Quicker turnaround times can be achieved with a rush order, which comes at a cost. Message for any questions!

Envelope Pricing

À la carte

Recipient Address: $4 per envelope

Return Address: $100 per project

Monogram Engrave (October Script): $50 per project

Monogram Engrave (custom): Starting at $50


I Do Package (return address + recipient address + monogram emboss)

  • Envelope quantity x $4 + $150

    • EXAMPLE: 65 envelopes x $4 + $150 = $410

Partner Package (return address + recipient address)

  • Envelope quantity x $4 + $100

    • EXAMPLE: 65 envelopes x $4 + $100 = $360

Still have some questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out! Shoot us an email and we'll promptly get back to you.